Vista Security Tool 2010


Vista Security Tool 2010 is one of the latest fake anti-spyware programs. It’s a scam designed to earn money from inexperienced computer users.

Vista Security Tool 2010 uses many different methods to convince the user of the targeted computer into purchasing this fake program. One of the main methods used is constant display of fabricated pop ups which give false information about your systems protection. Usually such messages claim that your computer is attacked by spyware infections or that some dangerous software is running on your system.

Besides, Vista Security Tool 2010 contains a fake scanner which is run after each Windows reboot. The best online casino scan results are clearly fabricated and even run on a completely clean system this scanner would show over 30 Trojans found.

Most of the computer users would be worried to find out that their computers contain that many of infections. That’s exactly what Vista Security 2010 is reaching for. Once you attempt to remove them, you will be redirected to a page that asks to pay for registering your copy of Vista Security Tool 2010.

The best choice you can make is eliminating Vista Security Tool 2010 from your computer for all the time. Get a legitimate anti-spyware program and remove this malware automatically. You can also try to do that manually, consulting removal instructions of Vista Security Tool 2010.

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