Vista Security


Vista Security is a fake anti-spyware application designed to swindle computer users away. It’s a program that you shouldn’t trust and remove as soon as you detect it on your system. Vista Security is a scam application that you should stay away from.

The program imitates being a security tool by imitating system scan and displaying fabricated scan results. VistaSecurity attempts to convince your computer is badly infected and then recommends purchasing its license in order to remove so called “infections”. The truth is that Vista Security displays imaginary threats that don’t need to be removed. If you pay for this fake application you will only lose your money.

Vista Security also is a browser hijacker which causes redirections to the web pages of this malicious program. Besides, VistaSecurity regularly generates pop up ads warning you about spyware infiltration to your computer and similar things.

Do not doubt and delete Vista Security from your computer as soon as you notice it there. Urgently call your credit card company and dispute the charges if you made a payment for Vista Security program.

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