Vista Smart Security 2010


Vista Smart Security 2010 is a malicious application that creates traps in order to gain money from computer users. The program is based on Trojans that is the main mean to distribute the infection. Vista Smart Security 2010 is downloaded and installed without knowledge of computer user.

The application pretends to be an anti-spyware program and imitates all its functions so that the user of infected computer started to trust it and later pay for a license of Vista Smart Security 2010. The program makes some important changes in the Registry resulting tons of annoying alerts stating your system is at risk. Besides, Vista Security Smart 2010 uses its fake scanner to make an illusion of looking for infections. There’s no need to say that the scanner “finds” a bunch of threats and recommends getting rid of them by purchasing a full version of Vista Smart Security 2010.

Finally, the program hijacks your Internet browser which becomes extremely irritating as you are not able to visit any websites you want to visit.

You should ignore the scan results and any warnings that mention Vista Smart Security 2010. It’s a scam application that only wants swindle money away. Get rid of Vista Smart Security 2010 immediately after you see the first symptoms of its existence.

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