Vista Smart Security


Vista Smart Security is a fake anti-spyware tool that easily infiltrates into computer systems running specifically Windows Vista Operating System. The rogue uses Trojans for penetrating into the targeted system. Then the program starts fulfilling its main goal – convincing computer users into purchasing Vista Smart Security program.

The application modifies your Windows Registry which is responsible for displaying numerous of pop up ads and security notifications warning you about potential threats existing on your system. Vista Smart Security also hijacks your browser and constantly displays Firewall alerts or keeps you redirected to the website promoting Vista Smart Security application.

Most importantly, the program will load its scanner which will even display a list of infections so you think they really exist on your computer. It’s a big chance you will be attracted to use the easiest way to remove the infections. Vista Smart Security will offer you purchasing its license and then will everything quickly and easily. Unfortunately, it is too good to be true. Vista Smart Security application is only attempting to swindle your money away and it will not remove anything.

In fact, the only infection that probably exists on your system is Vista Smart Security itself so you must do all it takes to get rid of it. If you are one of those who have paid for this scam application, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges as soon as possible. Then delete Vista Smart Security from your system for all the time.

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