Vista Total Security 2012


Vista Total Security 2012 is a rogue antispyware program that was designed by cyber criminals in order to swindle away money of computer users. The program is designed as a security tool, but in fact it only imitates the functions of antivirus and doesn’t have any real functions.

Vista Total Security 2012 enters computer with a help of Trojan viruses. As soon as it gets inside, it gives you tons of reasons to think that your system is badly infected with various infections. It displays tons of security notifications warning that your computer is badly infected and recommends scanning your system.

Vista Total Security 2012 then runs a scanner and pretends looking for infections on your system. After a while the program tells that is detected a bunch of infections that must be immediately removed with a help of a full version of Vista Total Security 2012. Undoubtedly you hate to pay for this version of a program and that is a way the creators of Vista Total Security 2012 are earning money.

You shouldn’t trust this badware no matter what it states. Both its scan results and any security notifications mentioning or redirecting to purchasing Vista Total Security 2012 are completely fabricated.

It is strongly advised to get rid of Vista Total Security 2012 from your computer right after its detection. Do not hesitate and eliminate this scam application without any doubts.

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