Volcano Security Suite


Volcano Security Suite is the cyber threat that came on the Internet recently. It is the malware program that uses fake system scanners and security notifications to mislead people and make them pay for the “full” its version. Because of being created by scammers, VolcanoSecuritySuite uses Trojans, for example famous Trojan Vundo, to reach the compromised machines. It must be mentioned that even reputable websites are used by this program to promote itself, so please be aware and don’t take Volcano Security Suite serious.

Just after creeping onto the computer secretly or being installed manually by the user, the trialware of Volcano Security Suite presents annoying system scans. Hundreds of infections are detected after the scan is over and they all are alerted for the user. The alerts usually look like this one:

System alert
Potentially harmful programs have been detected on your
system and need to be dealt with immediately. Click here to
remove them with Volcano Security Suite.

These messages, just like other alerts, pop-up ads or security notifications that are loaded by Volcano Security Suite, are expected to scare all the PC users and make them think that their anti-spyware program is not working properly. People are promised that this scam will clean their computers and brought into its “official” website where purchase can be made. Don’t support the scammers and save your money! Instead of doing that, you should better use the removal instructions listed bellow and get rid of this fake anti-spyware called Volcano Security Suite.

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