What can you expect from Hohosearch.com virus?


Recently, a significant number  of Internet users have reported that their search engines were replaced by annoying hohosearch.com. Beware  that this website acts as a browser hijacker.  After it takes over your web browser, Hoho Search sets its website as the main homepage. As a result, when you start browsing, you realize that the search results are different from the ones that are displayed by a legitimate search engine. The longer the hijacker resides on your computer, the higher the chances are that you will lose your temper after warding off redirects. That is why you should not delay Hohosearch.com removal.

Also known as Hoho Search, this PUP is detested for its ability to mislead you to unwanted websites rather than to the desired destination. Since the hijacker provides altered search targets, you might be mislead to sponsored advertising website. It might be overcrowded with intrusive pop-ups which distract your attention and prevent you from easily escaping them. When you click any of them, you might find yourself yet in another redirect domain. Keep in mind that hackers might often use it for disguising highly treacherous viruses and less aggressive malware. Thus, Hohosearch.com redirect might be more damaging than you expect.

Speaking of the distribution ways, the hijacker might have slipped into your computer via another recently installed program. When you chose “Basic” settings, you might have overlooked the add-on hiding Hohosearch.com. Thus, clicking the “Finish“ button enabled the PUP to sneak into your computer.  It is necessary to change your habits if you want to prevent any PC from entering the PC. When you are about to install a new application, select ”Custom” settings. Only after you are sure that there are no marked add-ons, finish the installation wizard.

You can remove Hohosearch.com manually and automatically. Taking into account the scale of the computers infected with this hijacker, I recommend installing a reliable security program to eliminate the PUP and ensure protection from similar threats. You can also follow this Hoho Search removal guide to fix your computer.

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