What is Delta Search and how to get rid of it?


Delta Search is a potentially unwanted application, which can affect all browsers, including IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The secret behind annoying activity of this cyber infection is really simple: Delta Search is set to promote its search engine and make its victims use it for their search sessions. However, it seems that this program can also be applied for tracking victims’ browsing habits and selling this information for marketing companies or the bad guys. Besides, in most of the cases it gives altered search results that differ from the ones we receive from Google. So, if you see deltasearch.com instead of your homepage, you should check your PC for a virus. Mostly, that’s a browser hijacker that needs to be eliminated.

Delta Search can be downloaded manually. However, the second way, which is a secret infiltration, is much popular. This way is usually based on freeware and shareware that typically have some ‘components’ included to their components list. Once PC user downloads such program on his machine, it starts its malicious activity there without any permission asked. Delta Search modifies the system and changes the homepage and the default search engine. As a result, typing some URL address and trying to go there becomes a serious task, because you will find yourself on a fake browser. While deltasearch.com may look like a normal search engine, we do not recommend using it for your search sessions.

Here you can find a guide how you can remove Delta Search from your computer.

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