What is wrong with Qvo6.com?


After paying more attention to unfair search engines, I have recently discovered another potentially dangerous website Qvo6.com. In fact, it belongs to the same people as the search engine, which was mentioned on my previous post, PortaldoSites.com. These sites share the same License Agreement, which clearly shows that owners are not going to take any responsibility for the issues that can appear on your computer after using Qvo6.com or search. Qvo6.com.

Testing Qvo6 on computer has revealed several activities that have some sort of the malicious aspect. First of all, this site returns different search results than they are displayed on Google, Yahoo or similar search engine. Clearly, this site promotes those domains that need to increase the number of their visitors and pay for redirections to them. In addition, it can also be used to track your browsing habits and show continuous pop-up ads everytime you start your browsing session.

Some experts have revealed that this scam site is also really dependent on browser hijacker, which attacks the system and modifies its parameters. As a result, Qvo6.com gets ability to appear instead of victim’s start page, default search engine and similar places. Please, do NOT fall for impression that Qvo6.com is a typical search engine that can be used for your daily browsing routine. If you are constantly redirected to this domain, read Qvo6.com removal guide on my other project.

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