What to avoid when creating a website?


With the help of various WYSIWYG software, premade templates and freeware scripts now even a 10 years old boy can create a website and call himself a web designer. We can ask ourselves: “So do we need professionals for creating a project?”
For simple project like company’s home page the only thing you need is to know suitable Content management software and some kind of template. The page can be created for less than 100 usd. Will it be credible page?
As a matter of fact YES it Will. I’ll try to answer why.
1. If company will choose a template and adjust it to its website, about 90% of global visitors will not know it, there are lots of templates and milions of websites the probability to see the same template in the same theme is very small. Even if you create a unique design, there is a probability that someone will steal it and will use it on his site.
2. If you choose professional cms, the code there will be clean, in some CMSes even the structure, logic will be professional. So you can get even more value than other company which choose to hire some kind of designer or programmer to create unique site with own Content management system. Lets take for example my blog: it has no design, everything is powered by wordpress software and I can assure you that the creation of unique code is not necessary. WordPress did a good job and it will take a lot of time to you to create something similar yourself.
But there are minuses for that development strategy too:
1. If your page is more complex, it’s better to create your own code. Your needs might be bigger than software developers forecast in their software.
2. Every professional company will take care even about 10% of customers, who might understand that the company’s design is pre made template. So it is always better to have something unique.

what to avoid when creating a website?
1. avoid templates – even 10% of visitors matters.
2. avoid coders who does the sites very cheap, hire credible development company.
If you decided to create the site on you own then:
1. avoid frames, not every search engine robots reads frames, think about other strategy.
2. avoid dynamic url’s. Not every search engine understands normally special symbols like “?”i n urls. Even if they understand, these pages ranks lower.
3. avoid over usage of keywords. You don’t need to repeat the same phrase 20 times in the same page. Its unprofessional and looks like you created page for search engine, not for the user.
4. avoid shady techniques:
a) do not cloak the content. Show the same copy of the page to search engine robot and for the visitor.
b) do not add invisible text or tiny text. If you will create graphic background and will use the same color on text as your graphic background you still can be banned.
c) do not create doorway pages, it’s the technique from the dark ages, they don’t help anymore.
d) do not duplicate content within your site on any other site.
e) do not use short time refresh tags.
while all these techniques might help you in a short term, you will get punished in a long term. It’s not worth to risk.

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