What you must know about Facebook virus


Facebook virus is a serious cyber threat, which has many different versions. As its name suggests, this threat is spread only on this social network, which becomes more and more attractive for cyber criminals this year. If you want to avoid its infiltration, be careful what you click because Facebook virus spreads via fake messages and phishing links. Besides, it not only infiltrates its target computer, but it can also automatically reach victim’s contacts in a form of the same message.

Facebook virus has different versions. For example, Facebook Child Porn virus infects the wall of victim’s profile and shows a pornographic video, Facebook Change Color virus is used to increase the traffic to speciffic domain by offering to change the background’s color, Facebook Friend Request virus sends friend requests to random people and simply initiates havoc on victim’s profile. I should also warn you about the latest version of Facebook virus, which is based on Zeus trojan horse. As security experts report, this virus spreads via malicious links and messages. Once you click such link, computer gets infected with a dangerus threat, which hides inside the system until you log-in to your bank account. As you may have already guessed, this version of Facebook virus helps for scammers to empty bank accounts.

Once again, I must recommend being very careful when using Facebook and clicking only on those links that clearly come from trustworthy sources. If you have been tricked, read Facebook virus removal guide.

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