When to move all-in?


Yesterday I've been playing on Pokerchamps and there was player whose every second move was all in. He lost soon, but then I thought what could be the moving all-in strategy and below are my ideas.

First of all, all in means that player is putting all his chips on the hand he holds in his hands. This can be a do or die move for the player, but despite the danger it is very popular in No Limit games.

  1. Never move all in preflop if you play monster hands only. Everyone will fold and you will get the blinds only.
  2. Move all in when you are sure your opponent will fold. It is much easier to move all in than to call it 😉
  3. All in works great if you are a chip leader, for you it is a small stack for them it is everything. Why not to take a risk?
  4. Do not move all in with worthless hands, always leave some outs for a win.
  5. Do not move all in when you are short in chips. You may get called by chip leader. Use all in strategy only when your cards are unbeatable.
  6. Do  not bluff with all in when short stacked. You will be kicked out.
  7. If you can, try stealing blinds by moving all in. It usually works, but again go all in only if you have some outs. You never know what the blinds hold.
  8. If you call all in, it is better to re-raise it. This will scary off the rest of players and you will stay eye to eye with the all in mover.

This is a very basic moving all in strategy, but keep it in mind as it will help you!
See you at the tables!

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