Why I hate Text Enhance on my computer


Text Enhance is an adware, which affects any browser it wants as soon as it gets on its target PC. So, it can easily get on your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browser without any problem. No, Text Enhance is not a dangerous virus, which can lead your PC to system damage. This program works for other goal – it helps for advertisers to increase the traffic to their websites. It does that by showing annoying commercial advertisements and filling websites with active words that lead to affiliate websites. Just like many other adware viruses, it can be downloaded as program’s component without any permission asked. In true, I have also been infected by this sneaky application after downloading some free programs that have been actively offered on the Internet.

Once Text Enhance virus is downloaded, you won’t be capable to browse on the Internet normally because this program interrupts you every time you enter a website. It shows its links all over the website and displays its pop-up advertisements with the same links included. Basically, all those links of Text Enhance mean that your computer, not a website, is infected with adware. I highly recommend NOT to ignore such things and scan your computer with reputable anti-spyware program. Text Enhance removal will take only few minutes..

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