Why online poker?


I see 5 main things why online poker is better. They are:

  1. No need of organizing. Just imagine having a home poker party. You probably know how much preparation it requires. Now in online poker you only need to click few times and ask your friends to join a poker room at a specific time.
  2. You can play for as long as you wish. You do not have to wait for your friends having enough of poker that night. You play as long as you want to and leave if things are getting worse.
  3. You can play anytime from any place. All you need is a computer and internet. This one probably should be listed at the first place.
  4. If you are having an online poker game with your friends, you may leave and some other things instead. Now imagine saying you are leaving to your friends when they are playing in you kitchen. Would be a good joke, right? 🙂
  5. The last but not the worst thing is, that there is always someone calling the last minute and telling he will not be able to come. And this really sucks. There is a place ready for him, chips and cards are dealt and he is not coming.. Well, this never happens online.

So my advice is. Next time you are about to organize a home poker party, better do it online.

2 Responses to “Why online poker?”

  1. MJ says:

    Well it’s totally the same with sex, don’t waste your time on girls, just get online with your brazzers membership, call Shyla Stylez on the other side of the camera and start virtual sex 😉

    I’d say, don’t say never. Putting real deal in a closet is not fair because you’re too laisy or you hate when something unexpected happens. Its life. Its real.


    Online poker have its own advantages and disadvantages, as you said.