Why you must stay away from Win 7 Smart Defender


Win 7 Smart Defender is a malicious program, which attacks those computers that run Windows 7 OS. It should be categorized as ‘rogue anti-spyware’ because it misleads people into thinking that they are infected. After creating a need of a removal tool, it additionally offers to purchase its license. However, you should never pay for Win 7 Smart Defender’s license because it doesn’t exist and that is only a way how scammers steal users’ money. If you have already fallen into this trickery, you should contact your credit card company to dispute the charges. Besides, use a reputable anti-spyware to remove Win 7 Smart Defender from the system.

Win 7 Smart Defender is distributed by the same means as its predecessors. Typically, it relies on trojan horse, which attacks vulnerable systems and additionally downloads malicious files onto victim’s computer. Be aware that 2spyware security experts announce that this trojan has been infecting an increasing number of computers lately, and spreading not only Win 7 Smart Defender, but Vista Smart Defender and XP Smart Defender as well. So, as soon as this trojan gets inside, it drops malicious files and modifies the system in order to make Win 7 Smart Defenderactive every time PC is rebooted. Malware starts displaying its fake alerts next and actively offers to buy its removal services. Basically, that’s the entire scheme of this and other rogue anti-spywares. Remember, as soon as you start seeing Win 7 Smart Defender’s notifications, you must scan your PC with reputable anti-malware. You must remove Win 7 Smart Defender without any delay!

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