Why you should not play poker freerolls.

Nowadays poker freerolls are extremely popular. And it's obvious why..
Because it's free. But are freerolls so goods as it's seems? No!

First of all freerolls attract too many different players, there are novices and advanced players. There are such who had never played a hand and such who are playing constantly. That's why many players get knocked very early and if you play for more than an hour it's time for you to move further. Change the limits. Anyway, the main poker freerolls problem is that it is FREE. That's right no one invests money and that's why there are hundreds of players moving all ins from time to time. You may get kicked from a freeroll with AA by a maniac moving all in with K3. That really sucks, but this never happens in real money games. Now, what are your chances of winning? You play 4 hours, to get into the final table, which shares $50? Hundreds of players, hours of poker, for a few bucks. Come on, this cannot be true. It is simply not worth the money.

I agree it is very good for a starting player to get introduced to the game, but if you feel your game improved, forget the freerolls. Start playing $1 or $2 tournaments.. These are real money and prizes are worth much more and the poker you will play is real poker, not the freeroll with crazy gamblers moving all ins every now and every then… It is not worth your time.. It is not the real poker, it's a fake..

3 Responses to “Why you should not play poker freerolls.”

  1. mikedogshO@yahoo.com says:

    yeah my name is mike dog sho and i feel what you talking about i think my game has evolved because i have won a tournament on both fulltilt and pokerstars and had to weed through all the bogus players out there and come up with a victory. ihavent been fortunately lately to play for cash,i tried to find a sponcer on line but had no luck. so if you think you can help me with my situation please hit me up…. p.s idont think ill be playing to many free tournaments i just recently tried to use my greendot card

  2. Justafa says:

    I agree on you that freerolls are bad, when it comes to strategy such as going all in early game and mostly at preflop. But players don’t keep acting like this all the time during tournament. What they think is that they can build their chip stack in few hands truly on luck. What you do, is you sit and wait for a hand and try to stay alive till 200-300 players are left. Only then real game begins. I know it’s not worth of our time, but still it’s a very good place to practice and see how it works. For example, when I’ve started playing poker it took me 2 weeks to get to the final table and finish at 2nd place. Then I moved to a cash table where I managed to build 40 euro bank in less than 2 hours. Little things usually have big impact on your future. Right?

  3. BRIAN says:

    All those free rolls gave my the skill and bank roll and skills needed to Crush!
    See ya at the tables