Win 7 Defender


Win 7 Defender is another rogue antispyware program that is able to change its name according to what Operating System is run on the targeted computer. The application infiltrates with a help of Trojan viruses.

Right after Win 7 Defender enters the targeted computer, it is configured to start automatically after each computer reboot. So once you restart your system, Win 7 Defender launches its scanner and imitates performing system scan for infections. After it displays infections “detected” and tells to remove them by purchasing a full version of Win 7 Defender. Besides, the application generates plenty of pop up ads which show up anytime while Win 7 Defender is running in the background.

Please ignore both the scan results and any Win 7 Defender related notification and don’t do anything they tell you to do. Get rid of Win 7 Defender as soon as you can with a help of a legitimate antispyware program or manually. Don’t make profit to cyber criminals.

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