Win 7 Guard


Win 7 Guard is a malicious program that pretends being an antispyware program just in order to get some money from computer users. The program tends to change its name according to the operating system that is used in a targeted computer. Win 7 Guard appears on computers running Windows 7, while it can be named Vista Guard or XP Guard if computer systems run Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Despite its name, the program causes same malicious actions on your system. It imitates performing system scan once you log in to Windows without you requesting to do that. Then Win 7 Guard claims to detect tons of infections on your computer and recommends removing them only free download mobile games by purchasing a full version of a program. This means that you will pay for a scam program, so basically you will lose your money.

If Win 7 Guard infiltrates into your system you will constantly notice tons of security notifications on your system warning about system infections that pose huge risk to your computer.  In order to fix that, Win 7 Guard offers purchasing its full version which should fix everything once activated.

Please remove Win 7 Guard as soon as you notice it on your system. run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program instead of trusting this badware application.

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