Win 7 Guardian 2010


Win 7 Guardian 2010 is malicious software recently invading more and more computer systems. The infiltration of the program is based on Trojan viruses that infect with Win 7 Guardian 2010 without any authorization of computer user.

The application works dangerously on your computer system. It usually hijacks your Internet browser and changes you homepage which is not the worst. The worst happens when it starts redirecting you to a page offering to purchase a full version of Win 7 Guardian 2010. Moreover, you are bombarded with hundreds of pop ups that annoy you while you are surfing the Internet or running some other program. You can imagine how much they slow your computer down as well.

Win 7 Guardian 2010 is started every time you reboot your computer and every time it gives the same affect on your system. Besides the pop ups and security notification, the program generates its scanner and runs it after each login to Windows. Beware that the scanner by Win 7 Guardian 2010 is fake and it only imitates the process of system scan. Do not believe when it reports that your computer contains a bunch of malicious files in it. It’s a total lie made up only to persuade you into purchasing Win 7 Guardian 2010 program that promises to fix the detected infections.

Please eliminate Win 7 Guardian 2010 from your computer right after the first signs of its presence. If you also paid for this scamware immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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