Win 7 Malware 2010


Win 7 Malware 2010 is a newly launched fake antispyware program which is distributed through Trojan viruses. The program was created in order to swindle money of computer users away.

As soon as Win 7 Malware 2010 infiltrates into machine, it simulates every function of an antispyware program. These actions can be extremely misleading for computer users. Win 7 Malware 2010 makes some rude changes in the system. After these changes are done, the executable of Win 7 Malware 2010 gets launched after each computer reboot. The infected computer will be flooded with bogus pop up alerts warning that your system is badly infected with spyware, Trojans and other infections. These messages have many similarities to legitimate notifications by Windows Security Center.

Right after each restart of the infected computer, Win 7 Malware 2010 loads a scanner and pretends looking for infections. Then it generates a list of supposedly malicious files and offers removing them with a help of Win 7 Malware 2010. The only thing you need to do is purchase a license of a program.

What you must know is that purchasing something related to Win 7 Malware 2010 is a huge mistake. It’s a scam application that you must stay clear of. As it infiltrates to computers secretly you may find it on your system even if you haven’t installed anything. In this case, remove Win 7 Malware 2010 as soon as possible.

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