Win 7 Security 2012


Win 7 Security 2012 is a rogue antispyware program that spreads on computers with a help of Trojan viruses and infiltrates systems in order to swindle away money from computer users. Win 7 Security 2012 belongs to a large family of multi named rogue program which change their names according to the operating system used on the targeted computer.

The application is downloaded and installed completely secretly. Once inside Win 7 Security 2012 uses its bogus scanner and pretends looking for infections on your system. Undoubtedly it detects a bunch of files which are listed as malicious. In reality these files either don’t exist at all or they are completely safe. However, Win 7 Security 2012 will claim the opposite and threaten that you must remove them as soon as possible. For the removal, the program will offer its own services and simply ask you to pay for its full version.

This is how Win 7 Security 2012 gains money easily. If you pay, it simple charges your credit card. Unfortunately, the situation on your system remains the same. What you actually have to do is removing Win 7 Security 2012 as soon as possible with a reputable antispyware program.

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