Win 7 Security Tool 2010


Win 7 Security Tool 2010 is a rogue anti-spyware program that is infiltrated into computer systems through Trojan viruses. The program is created to swindle money from computer users who are not aware of this kind of programs.

Win 7 Security Tool 2010 makes your computer incredibly slow and hardly bearable to use. The program blames this on spyware infections that supposedly exist on your system. Here’s how everything looks like.

Win 7 Security Tool 2010 program is started once you restart your computer after its installation. Then the application uses its fake scanner and simulates system scan. Once it’s done, Win 7 Security Tool 2010 displays a list of infections and recommends removing them with the help of its full version. Besides, while Win 7 Security Tool 2010 is running, you will constantly receive pop up messages warning about spyware infiltration to your system as well.

You must remove Win 7 Security Tool 2010 right after detecting it on your computer. You should never trust this scam application and pay for it as it is equal to wasting your money. If you have already done that, don’t hesitate and contact your bank to dispute the charges. Get a reputable anti-spyware program instead which will provide a real spyware protection.

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