Win 7 Security


Win 7 Security is one of these rogue anti-spywares that all have been noticed to be actively infecting computers in the middle of March. Win 7 Security hails from the most dangerous group of threats that install their ave.exe executable file and launch instead of any other program. They change their names according to the Operating System they find, so you will find this program named XP Security if you have Windows XP for example.

Win 7 Security uses the same bored infiltration techniques just like many its relatives and spreads itself through Trojans viruses. In the beginning when it and its executable file are installed, badware begins with triggering fabricated system scanners that detect various cyber threats. In truth, “detected” items have nothing to do with your PC. Besides, totally normal files may be labeled as corrupt ones on the alerts generated by Win 7 Security as well and also urged to be removed. Keep in mind that it is wrong to follow these suggestions and do NOT purchase Win 7 Security for fixing all these threats reported.

The final result Win 7 Security seeks is to scare users and make them purchase it as a useful spyware removal tool. In the meantime, Win 7 Security makes your system only to slow down and also may steal your private data. Have no doubt that Win 7 Security is malware and you must get rid of it. If you detect this scam, delete Win 7 Security ASAP.

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