Win 7 Smart Security 2010


Stay clear of Win 7 Smart Security 2010 application which was recently noticed by security experts. It’s a program designed with an expectation to earn money from computer users. Win 7 Smart Security 2010 infects the system and later persists paying for its license in order to fix imaginary infections. So how does everything work?

First of all, Win 7 Smart Security 2010 comes bundled with a Trojan virus which does the main job to infiltrate the program deep down into the system. Then the program generates its scanner pretending to look for infections. Even if your computer is completely clean from threats the scanner will display a list of infections and recommend removing them using Win 7 Smart Security 2010. You will only be asked to pay for its license.

Don’t pay for Win 7 Smart Security 2010 under any conditions. It’s a scam and you will only lose your money instead of getting a useful security tool. Additionally, your computer will become very slow and you will constantly receive security notifications warning about infections damaging your system.

Get rid of Win 7 Smart Security 2010 once noticed on the system. Don’t forget to scan your computer for additional malware with a reputable antispyware program when you eliminate this badware.

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