Win 7/Vista/XP Anti-Virus/AntiSpyware/Total Security/Internet Security/Home Security/ Security 2012


Win 7 Home Security 2012, Vista Home Security 2012, XP Home Security 2012 are multi-named rogue antispyware programs that have been noticed infecting computer systems. All of them are creations of computer hackers who want to rip off computer users in order to get some easy money. The programs are infiltrated to random systems through Trojan viruses. A you may guess they infiltrate computers running Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems and their name can change according to the operating system run on a particular computer.

Once inside it takes all control of the system and causes tons of unwanted actions there.

The program runs its scanner and imitates looking for infections on your system. Afterwards it gives a fake report about what threats have been detected there. Basically it attempts to convince you into thinking your system is badly infected. Then it offers removing infections with a full version of Win 7 Security 2012, Vista Anti-virus 2012, XP Security 2012 and similar programs that you have to pay for. However, it is not a program to trust. None of them are able to perform any actions of security tool and they only imitate all of them. The reason of this is to rip less experienced computer users off.

Additionally, to a fake scanner, they cause tons of pop up ads and security notifications reporting about malicious threats detected on your computer. This is just one more way to make you believe your system has security problems.

Please remove Win 7 Anti-Spyware 2012, XP Internet Security 2012, Vista Anti-spyware 2011 as soon as you notice their activity on your machine.

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