Win Antispyware Center


Win Antispyware Center is a rogue program that is promoted through Trojans in order to gain some money from computer users. The infection mainly spreads on malicious websites which contain videos and prompts to download an update in order to watch the videos. This so called update in fact is a Trojan which later downloads and installs Win Antispyware Center to your system.

As soon as Win Antispyware Center gets inside, it scans the system for infections. In fact it only imitates performing system scan and once it’s done, it displays a list of fake infections and tells to remove them by purchasing a full version of Win Antispyware Center.

In addition to fake scanner Win Antispyware Center displays fake security notifications stating that some unknown software is trying to take control of your system or some spyware attacks are posing risk to your private data.

You must ignore both the scan results and any notifications promoting Win Antispyware Center. Instead eliminate Win Antispyware Center as soon as you notice its actions on your system.

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