Win Antivirus 7 Pro


Win Antivirus 7 Pro is a fake anti-spyware program that penetrates into computer system pretending to be an update for Windows. However, it’s not an update you need. Once inside it becomes very aggressive and does everything in order to make you purchase its license. Moreover, Win Antivirus 7 Pro is a program that is very difficult to remove. You will need a good legitimate anti-spyware program or if you feel you have enough knowledge you can try to remove it manually.

As soon as Win Antivirus 7 Pro infects your computer it installs its executable AV.exe. The program also modifies your Windows Registry and hijacks your Internet browser. Soon Win Antivirus 7 Pro completely takes control of your system and you are not able to run any program or to visit any Internet website. The program also molests you with fabricated messages by Windows Security Center which announce that your system is being attacked by spyware and your private data can be stolen.

Without any doubt, Win Antivirus 7 Pro is a fraudulent program that aims to earn money from ordinary computer users. Please ignore any offers to buy this application if you don’t want to give away your money. If you have already fall for this trick, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Finally, remove Win Antivirus 7 Pro with a legitimate security tool.

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