Win Center


Win Center is a malicious program that was created by cyber criminals and the purpose of it is to swindle some money away. The program gives lots of promises but none of them are fulfilled.

Typically, to many rogue programs Win Center enters the system through Trojan viruses and does that completely secretly. Once inside, the program scans the system for infections and reports to detect tons of threats. Win Center attempts to prove computer user he needs a full version of a program in order to remove all existing infections and ensure protection in future. In reality it’s a lie told in order to gain money by selling a fake application.

If it happened to you to detect Win Center running on your system, make sure to remove it immediatelly. As long as Win Center running, you will experience tons of inconveniences, including fake scanners that were mentioned before, annoying pop up messages reporting fabricated information, computer slowdown, etc. Eliminate Win Center to terminate all these unwanted actions.


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