Win Defrag


Win Defrag is another malicious rogue application that belongs to the same family of defragmenters as Win HDD, Check Disk and Ultra Defragger. Win Defrag infiltrates the same way as most of the programs of this type, it uses Trojan viruses. Once inside, it simply imitates functions of optimization tool.

Win Defrag scans system for errors and reports about some hard drive problems, damaged files, etc. It also limits the usage of some programs so you find it difficult to work on your computer. Even browsing the Internet becomes an impossible task.

For fixing all unwanted actions you will be offered activating Win Defrag by purchasing its license. However, that’s not what you need in reality. Paying for this application is equal to throwing your money to the wind.

You are strongly advised to delete Win Defrag from your system with a reputable security tool instead of trusting this badware. Make sure to find some information before starting using any antispyware or optimization tool. Remember that one source is never enough if you need a reliable tool.

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