Win Defragmenter


Win Defragmenter is another fake system optimization tool that assures you to fix your computer though in fact it doesn’t have such ability. It uses a typical technique of most rogue programs and uses tons of pop ups and all kinds of security notifications in order to scare you and make you think your system is badly infected.

Win Defragmenter infiltrates into the system through Trojans and once lays down in the system, it completely takes control of its further actions. The program runs system scanner and later on reports about tons of critical errors detected on your system. it warns you that some of your private data might be lost because of the lack of free space, RAM memory usage, etc. The truth is that it is fake information and Win Defragmenter only wants you to believe your system is infected.

Win Defragmenter will offer you purchasing a full version of its program with a promise that this will fix everything. However, its real intention is to receive your money, but in return you won’t get anything. For this reason you should never pay for Win Defragmenter.

In order to stop all malicious activities on your computer you should remove Win Defragmenter as soon as possible. The best solution is using a reputable antispyware program which would deal with this program quickly and easily.

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