Win Scan


Win Scan is a fake antivirus program using that pretends to be system defragmenter while in reality it has no useful functions at all.

Win Scan infiltrates to computers through Trojan viruses. Once there it modifies some system parameters and completely occupies the system. It is configured to start automatically when computer boots up. Then Win Scan runs system scanner which imitates looking for infections. The program reports about some hard drive problems and RAM memory issues which doesn’t allow the program to function in an ordinary way.

Moreover, it floods the system with tons of pop up ads and security notifications. They report about missing hard drive, hard drive error or RAM memory failure. These messages are as fake as the scan results by Win Scan and they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Both the scanner of Win Scan and any of its messages will attempt to make you purchase a full version of Win Scan in order to get your money. However, it will not provide any service of system optimization tool. It’s a scam created by cyber criminals so you shouldn’t do anything what it says. Security experts strongly recommend removing Win Scan as soon as you notice it on your system.

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