Win7 AV


Hazardous websites have started infecting computers with a new rogue program – Win7 AV. It is able to auto-detect the browser you are using and then uses this information in order to gain computer user’s trust. When you launch your Internet browser at first you will receive a warning. Basically it states that the web site has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preference.

Finally, the warning messages offer you to use reliable solution of malware protection and then of course address to installing a copy of Win 7 AV. As soon as the product enters the system it looks just like a legitimate antispyware tool. The program runs system scanner and states to detect some dangerous files. In reality, these files don’t even exist on your computer, but that is just the way rogue program are working. It offers removing something that just in order to make you purchase a full version of Win7 AV.

The program later redirects you to the website promoting Win 7 AV where you can also make a payment for the program. Another thing to be mentioned is that the website of Win7 AV looks very similar to the website of Microsoft Security Essentials.

As you see, rogue creators are improving every day and they find new ways to trick computer users into purchasing their products. Do not fall for this trick and remove Win7 AV as soon as you find its traces on your computer system.


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