Windows 7 Repair


Windows 7 Repair is a fake computer optimization program that was created to make computer users believe their systems are infected and then try to sell Windows 7 Repair as a tool to fix that. The application first enters your machine completely secretly so you cannot stop it at this stage. Later on Windows 7 Repair is loaded with each system reboot.

The program imitates performing system scan. It generates a list of infections and recommends removing them with a full version of Windows 7 Repair.

The application also makes it impossible to run other programs on your system. Browsing the Internet is also included since this way it prevents you from finding information about Windows 7 Repair. As you understand this badware does everything in order to make you purchase it.

Unfortunately, purchasing Windows 7 Repair doesn’t change the situation. It only means that you will lose your money, but all annoying activities will keep repeating on your machine.

The only way to stop this is by getting rid of Windows 7 Repair from your system. you should use a reputable antispyware program in order to make the installation quick and safe.

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