Windows 7 Restore


Windows 7 Restore is a misleading application that pretends to be an antispyware providing the best computer protection. Actually it only seeks for people’s money and infects computer systems. Windows 7 Restore uses trojans that pretend to be useful programs to watch certain videos online in order to get into computer. The Trojan compromises Operating System and makes it less resistible against other spyware. Moreover, Windows 7 Restore runs the scanner and tries to deceive the user by showing fake infections. Finally it suggests buying casino online a license of Windows 7 Restore in order to remove the detected treats. To frighten even more, Windows 7 Restore displays bunch of pop up ads and security alerts that persistently repeats your computer is in a risk.

Regardless what it says, Windows 7 Restore is neither able to remove infections nor to protect computer against other spyware. Its actual job is to trick computer users and swindle their money. Remove Windows 7 Restore if you became a victim of its creators.


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