Windows 8 System Security – a new threat trying to look legitimate


Windows 8 is a major OS that comes with an updated version of Windows Defender, said to be including traditional antivirus functions. However, it seems that scammers have also used this name to name their own “antivirus”, which was trickily named as Win 8 System Security. Be sure that this program is useless and you should never fall for purchasing its license. Typically to such rogue programs, Windows 8 System Security reports about hundreds of viruses detected and then offers to purchase its removal tool.

As I have already realized, Windows 8 System Security can easily come inside the PC through the casino online backdoors of the system. In most of the cases, it comes from the hacked websites that sometimes don”t even know that they are used to spread malware. Besides, this rogue is closely related to rootkit infection that helps for it to disable all legitimate anti-virus programs and postpone its removal. If you have also been infected by Windows 8 System Security, you will know how annoying it can be – it will display numerous alerts, pop-ups and notifications reporting you that you are dangerously infected with hundreds of viruses and offering to purchase its license.

Many users claim that it seems that it”s almost impossible to remove Windows 8 System Security from computer. However, this guide clearly explains how can you do that:

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