Windows Anticrashes Utility


Windows Anticrashes Utility is a malicious program designed by computer hackers in order to steal money. It’s an application that warns about non-existing infections, pretends being an antivirus program and then offers scanning your system in order to detect and get rid of the infections.

Windows Anticrashes Utility is installed with a help of fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. This message is displayed at the very beginning. It warns about a Trojan virus without any serious reason. In order to remove it you are offered to run a scan. If you press OK, Windows Anticrashes Utility starts scanning your system. You will not be allowed to close the scan window until it finishes. Then program will claim that your system is infected with various threats but in will not remove them when the scan is done. Actually it will offer getting a full version of Windows Anticrashes Utility and claim that this will help to get rid of all your problems. Do not do it under any circumstances. You will only lose your money but the situation will remain the same.

Please get rid of Windows Anticrashes Utility as soon as possible with a reputable antispyware program.

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