Windows Antispy Network


Windows Antispy Network is a rogue antivirus program that spreads on computers using Trojan viruses. Once in a system the program doesn’t look to leave you alone. The application uses fake system scanner and imitates a security tool. However, it’s only imitation and actually Windows Antispy Network is not able to perform any functions of security tool in reality.

When the program infects the system, it first of all runs its fake system scanner. Unfortunately, this scanner doesn’t look for infections but only imitates scan performance. At the end, it offers purchasing a so called full version of Windows Antispy Network. Actually, its creators only want to get your money this way.

Additionally, the program generates various pop up messages and security alerts which warn that your computer is badly infected. It’s just another way to make you think you need some program to clean all this mess.

In reality the only program that really has to be deleted is Windows Antispy Network. Use a reputable antispyware program and eliminate Windows Antispy Network as soon as possible.

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