Windows Antivirus Pro


Windows Antivirus Pro is another rogue, which may damage your PC and also thinner your wallet. Presented to be a reputable security tool, Windows Antivirus Pro is known for its malicious actions and misleading methods.
At first, it needs to be installed to the machine and bogus websites or Trojans are used for doing that. Once it is downloaded, Windows Antivirus Pro continues malicious actions and blocks almost all legitimate programs, antivirus applications as well. To steal your money, it starts pretending to scan the PC. “Detecting” numbers of viruses is normal for this scam and requiring money for the “latest” version of Windows Antivirus Pro also. Please, don’t spend your money for this fake, instead of that remove all the files, connected to Windows Antivirus Pro.

One Response to “Windows Antivirus Pro”

  1. Jerry Aissis says:

    How does one send an e-mail to the company requesting their money back? I need to get a statement from them in order for my bank to cancel the charge on my account. Is this possible or am I out the $52.95 paid for this scam.