Windows Antivirus Rampart – strange virus name


Windows Antivirus Rampart – what a strange name for the virus!  Guys behind the fakevimes have strange ideas in their heads.. I wonder, why they are creating such crazy names? This name doesn’t look solid, I would not believe such program. They leave the “windows” word and use some ridiculous two three words as a virus name. If the name does not matter to them, so why to leave the “windows” word? 🙂 They can create “green tea” virus for example. But it seems the name matters after all. and if so, so why don’t they use really solid names..

Windows Antivirus Rampart does the same as all list of the fakevimes parasites.. It installs into the computer system through the use of the trojan horse, some fake video codexes, of some phishing emails. Windows Antivirus Rampart boots up with the windows system and tries to pretend as legitimate system component. it scans your system (actually it is a fake scan) and finds a lot of infections to remove.. all of them are fake, but they look like real. if you still don’t believe that you infected, they do some more things.  The computer slows down, you get lots of security warnings, which simply bothers you every time. if you want to remove these warnings and the illusionary infections, you need to pay money for them.

Paying them does not solve the real problem. the notifications will stop, but the real infection will reside in your computer. We advice you to use normal anti-spyware product like malware bytes anti-malware.

I added manual removal instructions to my anti-spyware site: how to remove Windows Antivirus Rampart


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