Windows Armour Master


Windows Armour Master is a rogue antivirus program that infects computers using fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. The main goal of this application is to earn some money from computer users by convincing them into thinking their systems are at risk and then purchasing a Windows Armour Master as a security tool.

The program imitates performing system scan, claims to detect infections and the offers to use a full version of Windows Armour Master in order to remove online casinos infections. This version of a program is paid so that’s the way the creators of Windows Armour Master get money. However, beware that it’s a rogue program that is not able to detect anything. It only wants to make you pay for it but you will still keep getting fake scanner and security notifications warning that your system is infected.

The only real infection on your system is Windows Armour Master itself. You must remove this fake program from your computer as soon as you can. Scan your computer with a good legitimate antispyware program and eliminate Windows Armour Master as soon as possible.

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