Windows AV Software


Windows AV Software is a rogue antispyware program that comes from a huge family of rogue programs that are distributed to computers through a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. It’s a typical program that pretends to be a security tool while in fact it has nothing to do with computer protection.

Once inside, the program is configured to start automatically when computer is started. Basically, the application imitates every step of a security tool. It imitates performing system scan, reports to detect a bunch of infections and later recommends removing them with a full version of Windows AV Software. You must ignore such warnings as they are nothing close to the real situation of your computer and the program only wants to scare you into thinking your computer is at risk.

Additionally, Windows AV Software generates fake security notifications and pop up ads that state your system is at risk and offers purchasing a full version of a program in order to remove them. Please do not purchase Windows AV Software under any circumstances as it will not help you in detecting or removing any infections. You must remove Windows AV Software as soon as you notice its very first signs on your computer. If you have made a payment for it, do not hesitate and contact your credit card company as soon as you can. Do not allow cyber criminals to trick and rip you off that easily.

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