Windows Basic Antivirus is a rogue. its not a Windows product.

Windows Basic Antivirus is a fake antivirus program that was designed by computer hackers in order to steal money from random computer users. The application warns that your system is badly infected and recommends getting a full version of a program in order to fix your system.
Windows Basic Antivirus is a clone of a bunch of other rogue program that have been released recently, such as Windows Telemetry Center, Windows Smart Partner and others. Windows Basic Antivirus has completely same interface, uses same methods to infect and behaves in the same manner once inside the system.
The application employs Trojan viruses for infiltration purposes. In this way the distribution of Windows Basic Antivirus becomes completely secret. Once inside computer, the program makes some changes in Windows Register and becomes the dominating program in the system. It is configured to start automatically when computer is started. Then Windows Basic Antivirus  runs its fake scanner and impersonates antispyware program. Once the program finishes scanning, it generates a list of infections and tells to remove them by purchasing a full version of Windows Basic Antivirus.
In order to convince your system contains infections Windows Basic Antvirus uses some other methods as well. It literally floods the system with fake security notifications and pop up alerts which report of viruses and insist activating Windows Basic Antivirus in order to fix the problem. Besides it blocks some of the Internet sites claiming that they have been reported as unsafe and it is recommended not to continue to that website. Such alerts are falsified as well so you shouldn’t trust them either.
Most importantly, you must remove Windows Basic Antivirus from your PC as soon as possible. It’s a malicious application that only seeks to gain your money so I strongly advise scanning your system with a reputable antispyware program or use manual removal instructions of Windows Basic Antivirus.


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