Windows Care Tool


Windows Care Tool is a newly created rogue antispyware program that breaks into the system using Trojan viruses. It’s an application that pretends to be a security tool but in fact can only make harm to your system.

Windows Care Tool looks like a system scanner. Once it infiltrates into the system it is run automatically when you log in to Windows. At first for a few minutes Windows Care Tool simulates system scan. Then the program generates a screen of scan results. By looking at it you can tell that your system is badly infected as it displays a bunch of spyware and other kinds of infections. In reality it’s just a part of the game. Windows Care Tool expects you to believe in that information. Naturally you will want to do something about it, so there comes the time when Windows Care Tool offers you getting its full version which you have to pay for. The program claims that this will enable Windows Care Tool to remove all the infections.

Do not fall for this trick. The program simply wants to get your money. However, it is not related to security in any aspect. Please remove Windows Care Tool as soon as you notice it on your system. Do not trust this application if you don’t want to get ripped off.

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