Windows Cleaning Tool


Windows Cleaning Tool is a rogue antivirus program uses a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert in order to infiltrate and do its malicious job on random computer systems. The alert claims that your system is infected with a Trojan and offers scanning computer with a licensed version of Windows Cleaning Tool.

Right after infiltration, Windows Cleaning Tool modifies some system parameters in order to be able to control further actions of infected computer. The program is loaded every time computer is booted. It pretends to look for system infections by imitating system scan and displaying a bunch of threats supposedly detected on the system. In fact the program fabricates scan results as it’s not able to detect anything. Then the program offers purchasing its full version in order to remove those threats.

Moreover, it causes tons of security notifications and pop ups ads warning that your system is at risk. These messages lead to purchasing Windows Cleaning Tool as well.

Beware of this dangerous application and do not trust it under any circumstances. Remove Windows Cleaning Tool right after noticing its very first signs there.

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