Windows Clear Problems


Windows Clear Problems is a rogue antivirus program that spreads on computer through Trojans. It’s an application that seeks to gain money from you pretending to be a regular antivirus program.

Windows Clear Problems causes various security notifications and pop up ads to appear on your computer without a serious reason. These messages report about numerous protection issues that do not exist on your system. However, they are able to convince computer users those problems are real and then they even manage to sell Windows Clear Problems as a tool to fix that.

Windows Clear Problems also runs its fake scanner without even asking for this. The scanner reports about tons of system threats and offer purchasing a full version of Windows Clear Problems just to get money from you. After you reveal you credit card information, it will be charges but the situation on you system will not change at all.

If you have noticed such symptoms on your computer, please remove Windows Clear Problems with a reputable antispyware program, such as Spyware Doctor or Malwarebytes. If you have paid for Windows Clear Problems, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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