Windows Component Protector does not protect any Windows components


Just checked the stats and clicks we receive, today (11.04.2012) Windows Component Protector is still active and visitors are looking how to remove it. I think this infections will be dead by tomorrow, but at this time please follow these manual removal instructions to remove Windows Component Protector.
same infection • Accountability & construction management internships Systems:   In addition to having the right to audit suppliers to evaluate suppliers’ compliance with SunPower’s standards regarding human rights and slavery, SunPower has also explicitly stated in its contracts with suppliers and in SunPower’s Commitment to the Elimination of Human Trafficking and Slavery that any violations of SunPower’s standards, regarding human trafficking and slavery, may result in the termination of SunPower’s business relationship with a supplier. with the name Windows Stability Maximizer is already dead, but if you still have some issues with that parasite, please follow these instructions to remove Windows Stability Maximizer


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