Windows Custom Settings


Windows Custom Settings is a malicious security application that spreads on computer systems through Trojan viruses and infiltrates without a slightest notification to the computer user. It causes lots of inconveniences to the computer user and, most importantly, attempts to steel your money by convincing you into purchasing a full version of Windows Custom Settings.

As soon as the program gets inside the system, it disables most of the programs and starts dominating in the system. Basically, it blocks every website you are trying visit and instead redirects to the one that promotes Windows Custom Settings as a legitimate antispyware tool. The website states that your computer contains tons of spyware infections and then presents Windows Custom Settings as a perfect security tool.

In reality the program only wants you to make a payment for it but it is not able to offer any services at all. For this reason, you should avoid Windows Custom Settings and never install it to your computer system. If it happened for you to purchase Windows Custom Settings please contact your credit card company immediately and dispute the charges. Then get rid of Windows Custom Settings with a reputable antispyware program or manually.

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