Windows Defender 2010


Stay clear of Windows Defender 2010 application and don’t confuse it with Windows Defender security tool by Microsoft. The only thing that relates these two applications is their names. However, Windows Defender 2010 is a scam used to trick computer users into purchasing a completely useless program.

Windows Defender 2010 application is downloaded with a help of trojans and doesn’t require your permission to be installed. After installation Windows Defender 2010 starts working right after computer reboot. It generates tons of security alerts announcing that your computer is at risk. Typically to many fake anti-spyware, Windows Defender 2010 imitates computer scan and later shows completely made up scan results. It lists many infections that supposedly damage your system. Beware that the scan results by Windows Defender 2010 are far away from your real computer condition.

All these things are done to make you purchase the licensed version of the program. Please don’t trust this application as it’s not a reliable tool to use. Windows Defender 2010 will only steal your money, make your computer run slow and infect with more spyware. Get a removal guide of Windows Defender 2010 as soon as you can and eliminate this dangerous program from your machine.

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