Windows Disk


Windows Disk is a malicious tool that is designed to mislead computer users and convince them into purchasing a full version of a program as a computer optimization tool. The application pretends to perform system scan and later reports about few system errors that should be solved by purchasing a full version of Windows Disk.

The program is a clone of already well known fake defragmenters Fast Disk, Smart Defragmenter and others. All of them work in exactly the same manner. They start automatically when computer system is booted. Basically, it looks like a legitimate program that detects system errors. When scan finishes, Windows Disk reports about a bunch of system errors detected on your system and recommends removing them with a full version of Windows Disk. An important thing to be mentioned is that you are asked to pay for its license first, before you can activate the program.

However, paying will not solve anything. You will experience the same problems not to mention that your credit card will be charged. You should remove Windows Disk as soon as you detect it on your system.

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One Response to “Windows Disk”

  1. tim miller says:

    This happened to me, but luckily I thought something was funny about it, did a little checking, and discovered the fake. I’m trying to remove it from my computer but it has really messed things up. My regular Anti-Virus software keeps detecting infections and removing them, but they come right back. I’ve also done an unistall on Windows Disk. Any recommendations to getting rid of this? Thanks!