Windows Easy Transfer


Windows Easy Transfer is a rogue antivirus program that spreads on computers using Trojan viruses and pretends being an antivirus program. Once the program is there, it pretends scanning your system with each system reboot. Windows Easy Transfer attempts to create an illusion that your system is infected with various security threats. In order to fix this problem it offers computer users to purchase a full version of Windows Easy Transfer.

The same thing is repeated with each system reboot. Basically the program warns that your computer is at a very bad condition and that you need to purchase Windows Easy Transfer in order to fix they situation. Moreover, you will start receiving security notifications and pop up ads warning that your system poses risk.

Please do not purchase Windows Easy Transfer under any circumstances. It’s a creation of cyber criminals so you will definitely lose your money. Run a full scan with a reliable antispyware program in order to remove Windows Easy Transfer easily.

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